Glue Trapped

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About suziegilbert

I live in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley and have been rehabbing birds for over twenty years. I’ve written a memoir about the slippery slope all rehabbers eventually slide down, called “Flyaway: How a Wild Bird Rehabber Sought Adventure and Found Her Wings,” published in 2009 by HarperCollins; and a children's book called "Hawk Hill," published in 1996 by Chronicle Books. I also write all kinds of freelance content. Please see my website,
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3 Responses to Glue Trapped

  1. Charlene West says:

    I hope the person who invented these rots in hell. I have had to get birds out of them too, and not all make it. No animal should die like this. 

  2. This is heartbreaking, I am so glad that the commenter above does help them when she can… people are wicked who let an animal suffer in this way on purpose…

  3. suziegilbert says:

    I agree with you both. I hope the more education, the less people will use these horrible things. Thanks for your comments ….

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